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Innovative top technology, highest productivity

Laser cutting is being used for an increasing number of applications in sheet metal processing and represents a unique quality. The high level of production flexibility and the almost unlimited diversity of materials and shapes explain its worldwide recognition as an indispensable basic technology.

High precision of the dimensions and minimum heat distortion of the sheet parts are just two of the advantages that convince the user of the first class cutting results.
Trendsetting proprietary design and development of high performance laser cutting systems

With its decades of experience in the development and implementation of high performance laser cutting systems, Bystronic is market leader.

All important technical components and all system parts are specially developed and result from proprietarybystronic-laser-cutting-machine3.jpg (27955 bytes) activities. Trendsetting key technologies such as flying optics, laser source, the unique Direct Helical Motor System (DHM), CNC control and application software, sustainable improve the production processes and represent an important technical advance. Our head start in laser cutting for thin sheet metal: one of the most dynamic and efficient laser cutting systems.  


* 2200 or 3000 watt resonators: Reliable and service friendly thanks to the clear construction. Cost reducing DC turbo technology successfully tested in tough industrial environments.
* Modern drive concept: Gearless three-phase direct drives, in conjunction with neodyme magnets, create the basis for high acceleration and a high degree of accuracy of all machine axes.
* The flat, encapsulated and torsion-proof design of our drives ensures durability and low maintenance.
* High acceleration rates, displacement speeds and positioning accuracy open up new fields of application, and the small loads to be moved make it dynamic.
* Highly dynamic Z-axis with quick-change cutting head, non-productive time reduced to a minimum (lifting, lowering, positioning, waiting time).
* Shuttle table: The automatic shuttle table system considerably increases productivity

Workspace         X     3000mm  
   Y     1500mm
Max Positioning Speed 169m/min
Max Cutting Speed    50m/min
Thickness 16 mm / 10 mm   MS/SS
Tolerance        0.1mm/m
Max Work piece Weight   890kg
Cutting Heads       5" & 7.5"
Operator Interface    15" Touch Screen, keyboard, mouse & hand controller
Network            Standard RJ45 Ethernet
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