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diamond-cutting-saw-blades.gif (18981 bytes)Diamond is the hardest material known to man. Taking metal matrix with diamond for hard building. Material and stone processing is an effective way in the recent years. Selection of diamond grade, size and concentration is important as alloy powder selecting for the matrix. Different material and cutting speed (different application) request different balance of diamond and matrix, and its production process technology is adjustable upon formula. There are various connecting ways of matrix and steel core, directly sintered, brazen welded, laser welded electroplated. Various application will request its suitable way. Experienced expert will be following you.

Diamond saw blades are used for cutting Marble, Granite, Stone, Tiles ,etc. A massive investment in research and development ensures the reliability and safety of this blade and make it a long lasting and fast cutting tool designed for multi purpose applications including hard materials and various abrasive applications. Diamond segments are brazed on the periphery of Diamond Saw Blades and these segments take part in actual cutting. Diamond Saw Blades [DSB] is a vital part of the saw and the performance of the diamond saw quality depends on the quality of DSB. DSB should be quite precise in dimension and properly tensioned for getting best performance under high speed and loading condition.

The DECOSTYLE DIAMOND SAW BODY WITH STEEL CENTERED has a multi materials range and our fastest growing and most popular diamond blade range. By far the most versatile diamond blades in our product range allow the user to save on downtime associated with changing blades and abuse through using the wrong blade for the job.

Large civil engineers and building contractors alike are enjoying the time and cost savings presented by long lasting, multiple application blades.

A Thickness should be unifirm DSB's are normally manufactured out of EN-42J
B Slots should be smooth / Burr Free ( C-80 ) and 75 Cr1  
C Axial / Radial run out should be minimum Mat C Si Mn Cr
D Appropriate tensioning should be given EN-42 J 0.75 / 0.85 0.15 / 0.35 0.6/0.9 -
E Hardness should be uniform / as per requirement 75 Cr1 0.75 0.25 0.75 0.2


01. For induction brazing, positive tension between 0.1 to 0.2 mm is required.
02. For manual brazing, negative tension is required and the amount of negative tension depends on the method and care taken during brazing.
03. During the brazing sufficient care should be given so that the blank doesn't get heated up.
04. After brazing one segment, the next brazing should be done at 180o i.e. opposite to the first segment.
05. While brazing, ensure that blue flame is avoided and yellow flame is used.

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