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CNC Tube Bending adds a new level of speed and precision to Rotary Draw Bending. The impact of CNC Bending increases as the complexity of the tubular part increases. CNC equipment automatically manipulates the tube in order to precisely position the various bends relative to each other. CNC Tube Bending is usually employed when a part contains more than two bends. Although it is suggested that all of the bends in a part are designed around the same bend radius, the CNC equipment Stam employs has additional capabilities that allows mixing of bend radii in the same part. There are additional benefits relating to straight lengths required between bends that we will be happy to discuss with you if your design calls for bends that are very close together. Contact Stam for more information.

DECOSTYLE TECNICS PVT LTD.  specializes in all electric tube bending machines produced for a broad area of tube fabricated products. We have an extensive range of cnc tube benders, tube handling equipment and complete tube bending integrated cells. We offer a complete cnc tube bender range which goes up to wide range of capacity

All operational and design staff are qualified engineers and innovators who are accustomed to bringing an expert problem solving approach to everything they do. Our mission is to analyse our customerís needs on an ongoing basis and constantly seek to develop better ways of dealing with them. This has placed us at the forefront of our industry in both national and international markets. We invite your inquiry

Our prototype facility utilizes a 20,000 square foot prototype fabrication area containing hydraulic and manual benders. Current bending capabilities for tubing are 1/8" - 1-3/8" (6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 14mm).

Previous fabrication designs include Transmission Oil Coolers and Filler assemblies, Engine Oil Level Indicators, Brake Lines, Power Steering Lines, Manifolds, Water lines, AC Lines, EGRs, Automotive Structural Reinforcements, Fuel assemblies (feed & vapor), and Fuel & Brake Bundle assemblies.










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